The Road from Karakol – Quick Movie Review

25-Minute Documentary in which Kyle Dempster cycles across old soviet roads in Krygistan while climbing first ascents. 

The Road from Karakol on YouTube is one of the most interesting beginnings that I have ever seen in a documentary! It’s also a good representation of the unpredictable nature of his journey and self-made documentary. Kyle’s enthusiasm has a tendency to grow on you. While the camera work is shaky, this 25-minute movie is an example of when the story and search for adventure overshadow everything else. Whether he’s drinking vodka with the police at checkpoint or sleeping off his hangover in a nearby cave – it’s a wild ride.

Kyle went on to become quite a well-known climber but sadly, he died in a tragic climbing accident soon after.

You can watch the movie here.

Rating: 8/10

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