The North Face – Quick Movie Review

A dramatic true story about a race between climbing teams (nations) to summit the famous Eiger Mountain in the Alps via the north face.

The North Face is a poignant tale that follows two German climbers during a time when Nazi propaganda was reaching a climax. And while I appreciate the passion and  heart of the main characters, it’s especially interesting to note how they create their own world in spite of the one at war around them.

The cinematics are pretty good and the backdrop of the World War does add to the story. I’m not that interested in climbing or even movies/documentaries about climbing but sometimes the story is all that matters. In fact, I find it hard to watch movies with subtitles but made an exception for this one. It’s dark at times but the North Face is a moving story and I remember thinking it was “underrated” the first time I watched it. 

Rating – 8/10 (Trailer Below)

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