7 Best One Person Tents for Camping in Ireland

You need to keep a few things in mind when choosing a one person tent for camping in Ireland. Are you starting a multi-day hike? Are you okay with something slightly heavier? How much do you have to spend?

As a rule, the lighter the tent, the higher the cost. There is also a reason why hikers don’t use pop-up tents or something you might find at a circus. And you don’t want to be carrying a 3kg tent around in your backpack either.

In this post, I wanted to pick out what I believe to be the best one person tent for camping in Ireland.

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Best Overall One Person Tent for Camping in IrelandMSR Hubba NX Solo

Best Affordable One Person Tent for Camping in IrelandVango Banshee 200 Pro

Things to Consider When Choosing a One Person Tent

Size – Some tent brands exagerrate the size of a tent. That is, if you see a “4-person tent”, it will probably fit three people. There is also no scale to identify the exact size of a tent and capacity is usually determined by how many sleeping bags you can fit inside.

Weight – Are you car camping? If so, weight is not all that important. But if you are looking to carry while hiking, a tent is most often the heaviest item in your backpack. However, be warned, lightweight gear is more expensive.

Durability – Remember that lightweight tents are not always the most durable. It’s because of the material and this means that most ultralight tents are not designed with extreme environments in mind.

Weather – We don’t really get any snow in Ireland but wind, rain and cold weather is always on the horizon. Remember the purpose of a tent is to provide you with shelter but not necessarily to keep you warm. In other words, you also need the right sleeping bag and camping gear to keep warm and not expect the tent to do this for you.

Price – The best one person tents for camping in Ireland are not always the cheapest. However, there are some exceptions and the quality of your new home is usually reflected in the price. If you plan to go camping just once, it doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune but for something you will likely use again, try not to pick based on price alone.

Important Features of a One Person Tent for Camping in Ireland

Setting Up – Most tents are easy to set up nowadays. Some brands even provide colour coding but you should find that any one person tent for camping in Ireland is rather easy to set up.

Doors – Even when you’re not sharing a tent, it can help to have more than one door.

Vestibules – While they are not 100% essential, vestibules are fantastic. You can use this porch-like area to store your backpack or shoes, or any wet rain gear.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best one person tents for camping in Ireland:

7 Best One Person Tents for Camping in Ireland

1. MSR Hubba NX Solo

Weight – 1.12kg

The MSR Hubba NX solo is a reliable and hugely popular one person tent for camping in Ireland. It’s 3-season and very packable when it comes to your backpack. It also feels much bigger inside than it should and has a cross-ventilating rainfly that feels breathable. You will also find a large vestibule for storing your gear and a StayDry door system that has a built in gutter for keeping the rain away from the inside of your tent.

You Can Buy the MSR Hubba NX Solo Here

2. Nemo Hornet – Ultralight Backpacking Tent´╗┐

Weight – 0.9kg

I first came across the Nemo Hornet on the Pacific Crest Trail. It was one of the most popular tents and looked great amidst the green in the High Sierra. It’s surprisingly tall which allows for more headroom and has a white mesh that provides a little more privacy when the rainfly is off. It also packs down really small and at less than 1kg, it’s one of the lightest options in terms of a one person tent for camping in Ireland. I also love the colour of this tent, not just because it looks nice, but because this helps the tent blend in with any green environment.

You Can Buy the Nemo Hornet Here

3. Vango Banshee 200 Pro

Weight – 2.3kg

Vango produces some extremely good pieces of kit for an affordable price. In fact, after gifting my first Vango Banshee 200 to another hiker, I missed it so much that I bought a second. The small size and green colour of this tent makes it suitable for a quiet spot of camping. While, it’s not the lightest one person tent for camping in Ireland, it’s also not too heavy either. Most importantly, I have used this tent in all kinds of weather and was always surprised by how it withstood the wind and rain. With two doorways, a nice vestibule and cheap price tag – it’s the perfect tent for a first time camper.

You Can Buy the Vango Banshee 200 Pro Here

4. Big Agnes Flycreek

Weight – 0.765kg

As you may know, the United States is home to some of the most exciting brands for outdoor gear. Big Agnes is especially popular for backpacking tents. I take a Big Agnes Coppur Spur UL2 on many of my trips but only because the bigger size is more suitable for long expeditions. The BA Flycreek UL1 is tiny and weighs in at an incredible 765g. It’s not as strong as the Vango above but in terms of lightweight options, it’s right up there. It also comes with a nice vestibule and easy set-up, and plenty of ventilation when the rainfly is off the tent.

5. Snugpack Ionosphere

Weight 1.12kg

Some might say the Snugpack Ionosphere is a bivvy bag but this is simply not true. Traditional bivvy bags don’t have a pole system and this is simply a tent in which you just cannot sit up. Because of the low centre of gravity, it performs well in windy condition and doesn’t move around as much as most other tents. It also has mesh for keeping out bugs and a profile/design that means you can often camp without being noticed.

You Can Buy the Snugpack Ionosphere Here

6. Terranova Laser Competition 1

Weight – 0.86kg

It’s billed as “the backpackers dream tent” and a good shout for the best one person tent for camping in Ireland. It’s a 3-season tent with reasonably strong material, and a decent amount of space on the inside. With a green colour, it’s also great for stealth camping and this is further enhanced by the low profile and small size of the tent. You can also pitch the outer fly first which means it’s easier to keep things dry in wet weather but all considered, I believe this tent is most suitable for those who take regular camping or hiking trips in Ireland.

You Can Buy the Laser Competition 1 by Terra Nova Here

7. Vango Cairngorm 100

Weight – 2kg

If you want to cut back on weight and don’t mind sacrificing a little space, the Vango Cairngorm 100 is a great alternative to the Vango Banshee. It’s got similar material and slightly different design but the Cairngorm 100 is a fantastic piece of gear for this price range. It’s also got the perfect colour for blending in with the environment and

You Can Buy the Vango Cairngorm 100 Here

I like to update my posts from time to time and include/remove options that might not deserve their place on the list. With this in mind, I’d love to hear some of your suggestions in the comments below…

Disclosure: Please note the trust my audience has for my advice is of utmost importance to me. Hence, I will only recommend equipment I love from brands that I trust. I was not paid to review these tents and I purchased my own tents. I am also without obligation to leave positive reviews for the product, I just know that these tents work really well for other outdoor adventurers and so they are likely to work for you too. This page contains affiliate links meaning I might receive a small amount from the supplier should you decide to purchase an item through one of my links. Thank you for supporting me.

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