Vango Banshee 200 Pro Review

The Vango Banshee 200 Pro is my go-to one man tent.

Is it the lightest tent in the world? No but it’s pretty light.

Are there “better” options on the market? Yes but not this affordable.

It’s true, there are similar tents to the Vango Banshee 200 Pro that weigh less but they cost a fortune. Also, most ultralight tents are rather flimsy and unsuitable for camping in Ireland. On the other hand, the Vango Banshee Pro 200 performs surprisingly well in heavy rain and windy conditions, and the occasional storm.

Who Might Want a Vango Banshee Pro 200?

Now, that’s not to say the Vango Banshee Pro 200 is ideal for every adventure. This would not be a suitable tent for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail – a lighter tent is necessary for that kind of trip. Similarly, this is not a tent for climbing Everest or expeditions in freezing temperatures.

However, the Vango Banshee Pro 200 is a great tent for hiking the Wicklow Way or any other multi-day hike in Ireland. This is also a suitable tent for microadventures and one that strikes the right balance between weight and performance – without hitting you in the pocket too hard.

Vango Banshee Pro 200 Review

First of all, this is not a two person tent. You can fit two people inside but it’s a tight squeeze and you would need to leave the bags outside. But this small size is a major advantage of the Vango Banshee Pro 200.

Advantage – It is small so the tent is relatively lightweight. There is a strange sense of satisfaction when sleeping in a tent that’s just the right size for you and your backpack.

Downside – In the long term, it is nice to have more space.

Basic Analysis – Strong and reliable lightweight tent

As already mentioned, the tent is lightweight but not ultralight. With this in mind, the weight will be quite annoying on a long distance trail but if you just want a lightweight tent for the Wicklow Way, this is a nice option.

Comfort – The Vango Banshee Pro 200 review is just the right size for one person but there is very little space to move around inside. As for the side vestibule, this is also quite small and not ideal for your backpack in heavy rain. I would happily take this as a tent for the Wicklow Way but for anything longer, you might want something slightly larger.

Weight – Again, at 2.35 Kg this is not the most lightweight tent for the Wicklow Way. However, it’s a lot lighter than many alternatives.

Stakes – Strong and durable, you can easily push these in with your hands and I have never had any issues with them.

Colour – Another excellent thing about this tent is the green colour. Too many tents are bright luminous colours which look and feel silly in the outdoors. The Vango Banshee is truly awesome for wild camping!

More Features – In terms of. Height, the Vango Banshee Pro 200 is quite low at both the head and feet. There is a small vent at the head which I found useful for air circulation while the two pockets on either side are safe for mobile devices given that they do not touch the sides. My favourite thing about the Vango Banshee is in how the low centre of gravity enables it to stand strong in high winds. Similarly, it holds out really well in the rain and the inside mesh is big enough for air to circulate but small enough so as not to allow much heat to escape.

Setting up the Vango Banshee Pro 200

My god, this is the easiest tent I have ever tried to set up. Literally, three minutes and you are done. It is also fast to take down and if raining, you can put up the outer fly first to make sure nothing gets wet. As part of my Vango Banshee review, I give this tent 10/10 for setup and I wish every other tent was this easy.

How did I test the Vango Banshee Pro 200 Review?

I went wild camping in the mountains and the West of Ireland for five weeks in Winter. I also used this tent for the Wicklow Way and can honestly say, it was perfect every time. During these trips, I encountered heavy rain, very strong winds, and very cold weather. I felt safe in the Vango Banshee and knew it would withstand whatever weather was on the way.


The Vango Banshee Pro 200 is probably my favourite one-person backpacking tent and holds up well in rain and blustery weather. It’s not as light as my other tents, but you can camp easily without being noticed due to the size and colour. Also, I have never bought such an impressive piece of camping equipment in this price range.

You Can Buy the Vango Banshee 200 Pro Here

Disclosure: Please note the trust my audience has for my advice is of utmost importance to me. Hence, I will only recommend equipment I love from brands that I trust. I was not paid to review this tent and I purchased this tent myself. I am also without obligation to leave positive reviews for the product, I just know that this tent works for me and it is likely to work for you too. This page contains affiliate links meaning I might receive a small amount from the supplier should you decide to purchase an item through one of my links. Thank you for supporting me.

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