Petzl Actik Core Head Torch Review

The Petzl Actik Core is a hybrid head torch which features a rechargeable lithium battery and two main beams. These two beams can be used simultaneously or stand alone. As mentioned, there is a rechargeable battery but the head torch an function on AAA batteries. Also, at just 90 grams, the head torch is incredibly lightweight for 350+ lumens. 

Petlz Actik Core – Head Torch for Hiking

Many outdoor adventurers prefer Black Diamond which is another excellent head torch for camping in Ireland. But Petzl was the first head torch which I found no reason to replace. Amazingly, the output can last for up to 60 hours on full power and four times this amount of time on the lower five-lumen setting. Stretching for more than ninety meters, the beam is impressive, but naturally, this beam will reduce power as the battery runs down.

How did I test the Petzl Actik Core?

Having hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail with this head torch, I can say that the Petzl Actik Core was one of my best finds of the year. Due to the wide beam, it was great for setting up the tent after dark. But I also found that the head torch was water resistant and with a rating of IPX4, this is something you can expect with the torch. I also found this torch to be  consistent with the manufacturer description in every other way.

Petzl Actik Features

Comfort – Although the Actik does not have a very large amount of padding, I found this irrelevant regarding comfort. All considered, it fit well, and the headband was fairly easy to adjust whenever necessary.

Quality – The Petzl Actik Core is a sturdy head torch for Microadventures and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Operation – Having held the power button for two seconds, you can switch between red and white mode. Meanwhile, the setting in between is a similar to a power saving mode and very useful when considering a head torch for long distance trekking.

Downside – I feel that Petzl should include a lockout switch on these head torches to ensure it does not switch on by accident. Not a major issue but useful in the long run.


With a rechargeable battery, you can quickly recharge this torch on the trail with a power bank. But I was mostly impressed by the strength and reliability of the Petzl Actik Core. It’s reasonably strong (I’ve dropped mine many times) and comfortable on the head. There’s not much more to say – I see no reason to shop around when a piece of gear is this good!

You Can Buy the Petzl Actik Core Here

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