Jago – Life Underwater | Quick Movie Review

“Push hard and you’ll die down there”

Jago Life Underwater reminded me a little of “My Octopus Teacher” (for obvious reasons). It’s about an 82- year old fisherman named Rohani in Indonesia that locals refer to as “The Master”. Since the age of five, Rohani has dedicated his life to learning the craft of a sea hunter.

Much of the movie uses two actors to re-enact his earlier years and these are nicely done. There are frequent cut scenes that go back to the fisherman’s shack where he talks about his interesting backstory and many life experiences.

I’m not personally interested in diving etc but you cannot but appreciate the beautiful visuals alone. And there’s quite a few interesting lessons and perspectives in here and I especially took note of his quote above which maybe implies that nature doesn’t care how much you want something. Also, Jago also has quite a melancholy undertone and an especially sad part of the story halfway through.

For me, it’s a fascinating insight into a very different way of life and a constant reminder that we have much to learn about the world – if we’d only take time to look and listen.

In the words of Jago:

“Practice. Wherever you find yourself.

Learn from what’s around you.

Understand what you have inside.”

My Personal Rating: 7/10

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