5 Creative Ways these People Live More Adventurously Every Day

There are so many reasons that I wish to live more adventurously every day. Many of these reasons are practical in that I might see or encounter something new. However, there is also the fact that we are learning creatures, and adventure is a gateway to new experiences that bring knowledge. For this reason, I believe that learning from new experiences is not only something that makes us human but also something that makes life more worthwhile.

At the same time, I can also feel incredibly bored, restless and even guilty for not “getting out there” a bit more. I’m not always on the move; I can be super lazy and sit around far too often! And because of my work commitments etc, I’m increasingly interested to know how other people live more adventurously. That is, how do other people make their every-day life a bit more interesting or exciting?

Here’s five inspiring characters that live more adventurously…

5 Creative Ways these People Live More Adventurously Every Day

1. Benjamin David Swims to Work Every Morning to Avoid Traffic

Benjamin David swims to work every morning to avoid traffic. After he got fed up with the stress his daily commute, he bought a waterproof bag with straps for his laptop, shoes and suit. Now, the German spends his mornings in the Isar River in Munich and swims more than 2km to his workplace. In colder weather, Benjamin wears a long wetsuit but swimming shorts are usually enough for the summer months. Just so you know, he also wears a rubber pair of shoes to protect his feet from any debris or sharp objects that he might encounter along the way.

2. Alastair Humphreys Spends 10 Minutes Climbing this Tree Every Month

Grown ups don’t climb trees? Alastair Humphreys does. Just up the road from his home, Alastair makes it his business to climb this same tree and take stock of his life. According to the UK adventurer, some pretty dismal statistics and studies about getting outdoors led to his new habit/hobby. Some of these studies illustrated how most people spend more than five hours each day on a mobile phone, while almost as many do less than 30 minutes of exercise each week. As if that wasn’t enough, 75% of children in the UK, spend less time outdoors than prisoners!

And this is why he climbs a tree every month….

3. Sion Jair Climbs the Same Mountain Every Day

Sion Jair has climbed every mountain in his home country. But he climbs “the Old Man of Coniston” in the English Lake District every single day. Jair loves everything about this “underrated mountain” such as the steep climbs, atmospherics and unobstructed views on top. He also loves the fact that he gets to experience a wide range of “phenomena” before most people have even reached for their alarm clock. Finally, Sion chooses that particular mountain for the reason that he knows this is “something he can do”…

4. Alex Tsepko Takes One Photo Every Day

Got a smartphone? Alex Tsepko trained himself to take photographs with his first smartphone. He began by taking photos of small moments with friends and family. However, this also inspired him to take photos everywhere he went and eventually – at least one photo every day. In the words of Tsepko, engaging with photography can help cultivate creativity and make the world feel more meaningful. This new found passion has also given Alex a different perspective of life and the world in which he takes one photo every day.

5. Sarah Ivens Goes “Forest Bathing” Every Week

Sarah Ivens is the author of Forest Therapy and an ex-editor of OK! magazine.  Sarah is a huge advocate of “Forest bathing” which is essentially the act of spending time in a first and taking this time to reconnect. According to the author, this process can improve natural health and allow the individual to reconnect with nature…and themselves.

I’m not personally interested in swimming to work every morning. But I find these people and stories get my own ideas flowing and remind me that adventure doesn’t have to be some far away place that will cost me time or money or both.
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